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Richmond - Cities, Towns and Localities

'Fossil Capital of Australia'

If you travel to Richmond over 100 million years ago, you will see an 'Ancient Inland Sea'. Forward your time machine to today, and all that is left of that ancient inland sea are fossilised remains of the creatures that once inhabited the region.

Part of the Dinosaur Trail, visitors to Richmond can experience the magnificent fossil discoveries and even go out to the nominated areas to do a bit of fossicking themselves.

There is plenty of other attractions and things to do in Richmond, whether you want to rest, boat or do a spot of fishing at the lake or explore some of the towns heritage.

Richmond Attractions

Cambridge Ruins
• Ph: 07 4741 3429
• 40 km north of Richmond are the 19th-century ruins of an old Cobb & Co coach station.
Cobb & Co Coach
• A superbly preserved Cobb & Co coach which once conveyed people alongside the Flinders River.
Heritage Walk
• Stepping back in time on the Heritage Walk is a great way to explore the town. Starting from the Lakeview Caravan Park and continuing the full length of Goldring Street. You can read the Heritage Signs that mark the sites of yesteryear's business district. You can visit the sites of a cordial factory, a newspaper printery and an open air theatre. The Cambrige Downs Heritage Display Centre is a replica of an original 1860's homestead, constructed from local flagstone rock and housing various artefacts of historical and cultural significance.
Kronosaurus Korner • Home of the Richmond Marine Fossil Museum
• Goldring St, RICHMOND QLD 4822 • Ph: 07 4741 3429 • Email
• Richmond Marine Fossil Museum is a regional museum designed to display local fossils from the cretaceous inland sea. This sea entered Australia over 120 million years ago and fluctuated in relation to global changes of sea level and local earth movements for nearly 25 million years. It reached its maximum extent 112 million years ago.

Kronosaurus Korner is an all-encompassing educational facility with a museum, a museum curator, laboratory, shop, cafe, tourist information centre, museum theatrette, children's area, souvenir shop, with disabled facilities.
• After a visit to Kronosaurus Korner, what better activity is there, then trying your hand at finding some of your very own fossils. Call in at the reception for a map to guide you to the free designated fossicking sites. The Fossil-Hunting Guide is also available from their website under New Discoveries/New Finds. Some of the finds can include shark teeth, fish bones, belemnites and a variety of shells. The Museum staff at Kronosaurus Korner are interested to see anything you find and will help you to identify your fossils.

If you are planning to fossick, and you don't already have a Geological Hammer, you can purchase one from Kronosaurus Korner. You should also take an old toothbrush or paintbrush to remove dirt and don’t forget a hat, the sunscreen and water.
Lake Fred Tritton
• With a circumference of 1.2 km and a maximum depth of 8 metres, Lake Fred Tritton provides locals and visitors a great recreational spot, especially for aquatic activities including swimming, canoeing, sailing, wind surfing, skiing and fishing. The lake has been stocked with a variety of fish, including eeltail catfish, gulf grunter (black bream), barramundi, sleepy code, sooty grunter, archer fish (rifle fish), foxtail catfish, spangled perch and yellowfin perchlet. There is also freshwater prawns and redclaw crayfish.

Facilities include boat ramp, BBQ facilities, and amenities, which all provides for a great spot for community social gatherings.

This oasis in the outback was named after the lat Fred Tritton, who was a local grazier and former Richmond Shire Mayor for 31 years. Fred was known as a water visionary and maintained that water development was a vital part of Richmond's ongoing growth. Construction on the lake began in November 2002 and was completed by February 2003. The lake was then pumped full of water from the Flinder's River whilst in flood.

There is also a caravan park that boasts water views, and the chance to catch a glimpse of the local wildlife and native birds.
Moon Rocks
• One of the unique features in and around Richmond are 'moonrocks'. These round rocks are a unique feature of the Richmond landscape. The moonrocks vary in size from a golf ball to weighing many tonnes. These nodules are concretions formed by the accumulation of limestone cement (calcium carbonate) in the sediment. They are formed by natural chemical processes in the sediment and are not weather worn. Under ideal conditions a spherical shape will form but other factors such as sediment permeability and other chemical processes may lead to some quite bizarre shapes. Although the nodules are not fossils, they can and often do, contain fossils especially shells. Much less often, bones and wood are found in the concretions.

Richmond hosts the World Champion Moon Rock Throwing Competition every two years at its Fossil Festival.
Pioneer Cemetery
• Richmond Pioneer Cemetery is located off the Flinders Highway on the western side of town, immediately after crossing the railway line. The Richmond Pioneer Cemetery displays inscriptions dating from 1886 to 1921. Unfortunately, only about 30 or so headstones remain from some 300 burials. In some cases, the broken segments were reassembled and laid flat, in others they have been repaired and remounted.

However, exhibited on the site are panels listing all known burials at this location. There were found to be a few variations between the data posted, the headstone inscriptions and the Queensland deaths register, but this is to be expected in the transcription of old handwritten records.

The cemetery is fenced on three sides and maintained by Richmond Shire Council. A list of all inscriptions for this cemetery can be viewed from the Richmond Shire Council site (follow the Local Attractions link). This list was compiled with reference to the Queensland indices of births, deaths and marriages.
The Santalum Sandalwood Factory and Mill
• Queensland’s only sandalwood mill, principally manufacturing incense and joss sticks for export to Asia. A guided tour can be organised.

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Fossil Facts

In 1989 near Richmond, an almost complete fossil was discovered of a small plant eating dinosaur - an ankylosaur. Named Minmi, it is Australia's most complete and best preserved dinosaur skeleton, dated to around 100 million years old. It was discovered with much of its fossilised skin intact, as well as some of its stomach contents.

The Richmond Pliosaur was discovered between the towns of Hughenden and Richmond in 1990. Over 4 metres in length, it is one of the best-preserved Pliosaur skeletons ever to be found in the world and of a very high scientific value. A full replica was made of the pliosaur, and is now part of the exhibition in Kronosaurus Korner.

The largest fossil on display at Kronosaurus Korner is the 13 metre Kronosaurus and the smallest is a brittle star measuring around 10 mm.

The first Kronosaurus Queenslandicus fossil found in Australia was discovered in 1932 out on Army Downs by a group of American scientists. This specimen is on display at the Harvard University of America.

Source: Australia's Dinosaur Trail brochure

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Richmond Events • Queensland Events
Richmond Fossil Festival
• Goldring St, RICHMOND QLD 4822 • Ph: 07 4741 3277 • Email
• biennial event held over 4 days - May 2008
• The Richmond Fossil Festival provides a number of different and unique outback events that include the Champion Moonrock Throwing Competition, Loader Pull, Show and Shine, Mardi Gras, Friday Night Rodeo, Musical Pony Ride, Bernie Barra Hole-In-One, Fossil Hunt, Family Sports Day, Tug-of-War, Windy Wizard, Fossil Festival Floats and a number of other family fun events.
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Richmond Other Links

• Richmond Community/Local Government Links
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