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Undara Volcanic National Park

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Undara Volcanic NP
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Undara Volcanic National Park - Cities, Towns and Localities

Undarra Lava Tube

The word Undara means ‘a long way’ in the Aboriginal language.

Located on the eastern edge of the rugged Gulf Savannah region of northern Australia, the multi-award winning Undara Experience captures the essence of the real Australian Outback.

The Lava Lodge is set in thousands of square kilometres of pristine tropical savannah woodlands, and is within easy reach of Cairns and Townsville in Tropical North Queensland; just 275 km south west of Cairns, and between 390 and 510 kilometres northwest by road from Townsville dependent on the route you take. From the Lava Lodge, guests can visit the Undara Lava Tubes, which is part of the longest lava flow from a single volcanic crater on Earth.

Undara Map with Savanah Lander Route

The Undara Lava Tubes were formed some 190,000 years ago when a major volcano in the McBride volcanic province erupted, its molten lava flowing down a dry river bed. As the top layer quickly cooled and crusted, the fiery magma below continued to flow through the tubes taking it further and further from the volcano.

Undara Lava Tube

As the eruption slowed and then stopped, the lava drained out of the tubes leaving a series of long, hollow tunnels. Ancient roof collapses created deep, dark and moist depressions where fertile pockets of rainforest can now be seen. Rainforest plants and animals thrive in this environment; with each tube offering a rare insight into this unusual geological wonder. One of the lava flows from Undara extends 160 km making it the longest lava flow from a single volcano on earth. The original tube formed by the flow extended for approximately 100 km, and several sections are accessible. During the eruption cycle, the Undara volcano spewed forth 23 cubic kilometres of lava covering 1550 square kilometres. So far, 68 separate sections of cave have been identified from over 300 lava tube roof collapses.

Qualified Savannah Guides tours give a unique insight into the geology and ecology of the Undara Volcanic National Park, the local history and bushcraft of the Gulf Savannah region.

There is a range of accommodation options at Undara and the surrounding region.

Information Centre UndaraUndara Volcanic National Park
Ph: 07 4097 1411
Freecall: 1800 990 992 (within Australia) (Reservations)

Undara Tours
Operate 3, 2 and 1 Day Tours departing from Cairns. Fly, coach and rail options available.

Bush walk trails at Undara Volcanic National Park
Bush walk trails at Undara.
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Undara Volcanic National Park Distance

For those planning to visit Undara there are a number of options to getting there:
  • Self-drive - Sealed Road
    The drive from Cairns or Townsville by car, 4WD, or campervan provides a pleasurable and popular way to visit whilst experiencing the region on route. Depending on the route taken the distance can vary from over 300 km to 510 km.

    The access road into Undara is now fully sealed, with thanks to the Etheridge Shire Council, however all drivers should take care and DRIVE CAREFULLY, as wildlife such as kangaroos and cattle may wander onto the road.
  • Air
    There is a scenic flight option from Cairns to the Undara airstrip, that takes in spectacular views of reef, rainforest and the vast outback region.
  • Rail
    The Savannahlander is a popular rail tour experience.
  • Coach
    There are scenic coach tours from Cairns.
Distance to Undara Volcanic National Park
• Following are some approximate distances by road to Undara Volcanic National Park:
• Atherton 240
• Brisbane 1,740
• Cairns 303
• Cardwell 306
• Charters Towers 429
• Cloncurry 793
• Georgetown 122
• Gold Coast 1,795
• Ingham 360
• Kuranda 308
• Mount Garnet 144
• Mount Surprise 30
• Ravenshoe 190
• Townsville 428
Distances given are only approximation, they should be verified with the appropriate maps.
The Australian Automotive Motoring Associations also offer select access to travel trip planners.

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• Undara Volcanic National Park Maps
Bing Maps - Undara Volcanic National Park, QLD
Google Maps - Undara Volcanic National Park QLD

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