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Whitsunday Group of Islands

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Whitsunday Group of Islands
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Whitsunday Group of Islands - Cities, Towns and Localities
Special thanks to Ray Blackwood for permission to use content from his fantastic work and publication about ‘The Whitsunday Islands, An Historical Encyclopaedia’.

Source: Ray Blackwood, The Whitsunday Islands, An Historical Encyclopaedia
Available through the
Proserpine Historical Museum or
Parks & Wildlife, Whitsunday District Office, PO Box 332, AIRLIE BEACH QLD 4802

Maher Island

Named in 1868 by Commander H.M. Bingham, RN, in the HMS Virago after Sub Lieutenant Walter Herbert Maher who was on board the Virago. While Maher’s name does not appear in navy lists for the Virago for 1868, it does appear in later years, indicating that he may have been only a midshipman in 1868. That he was on the Virago in 1868 is demonstrated in the Port Denison Times of the 21 November 1868, which reports a cricket match between a Bowen side and a team from Virago in which Maher played.

Maher Island first received historic mention when in June 1770, Sydney Parkinson, the artist in HMS Endeavour included its outline in a pencil sketch of the complex of islands which runs south from Maher Island to Burning Point at the southern end of Shaw Island.

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Mansell Island

Mansell Island was named in 1868 by Commander H.M. Bingham, RN, in the HMS Virago after Lieutenant Arthur B. Mansell, RN, who was on board the Virago. In his sailing directions Bingham described the island as being bare with a flat grassy summit.

Part of the Lindeman Islands group, the island was declared a national park in 1938.

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Mausoleum Island

Mausoleum Island was name during a detailed survey by Lieutenant G E Richards, RN, in HMS Paluma, April 1887. The name may have arisen because Richards found an aboriginal burial site on the island, such sometimes referred to by early explorers as a “mausoleum”. Allan Cunningham in 1817 used the term during his expeditions with John Oxley to the Lachlan River in New South Wales.

Some older residents refer to the island as “Moslem” Island and this name is sometimes mentioned in newspaper reports of the 1930s, for example “The Cruise of the Symbol” in the Proserpine Guardian of 13 June 1931. However, “Mausoleum” was the name given by Richards.

Source: Ray Blackwood, The Whitsunday Islands, An Historical Encyclopaedia

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