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Banjo Patterson
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Winton - Cities, Towns and Localities

Winton is located in the heart of Waltzing Matilda Country, where our beloved Banjo Patterson penned his unofficial Australian anthem. Today, many Australians and international travellers make their way to Winton to explore and experience some of the wonderful history that was created here.

Winton is also drawing visitors from around the world to the Australia Dinosaur Trail. There is the Australian Age of Dinosaurs, that lays claim to Australia's largest and most complete carnivorous dinosaur, nicknamed Banjo. Another must see is Lark Quarry Dinosaur Trackways, where you can see the worlds only existing record of a dinosaur stampede.

There is plenty to see and do in Winton and the surrounding area, just check out some of the listed attractions and events. You can also contact the local visitor centre for more information.

Winton Attractions

Arno's Wall
Visitors to Arno Grotjahn's wall will see a unique wall construction that contains almost every household item you can imagine and more. Constructed of concrete and rock brought from Arno's opal mine at Opalton, the walls reach two metres high and extend for at least 70 metres. The wall is studded with rusted lawnmower parts, boat propellers, vintage typewriters and sewing machines and even a couple of complete motorbikes.
Australian Age of Dinosaurs
The Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum of Natural History plays a very important role in research, discovery and preservation of our unique evolutionary history. Stage 1 of the Natural History Museum is already the biggest fossil preparation facility in the country and home to the world's largest collection of Australian dinosaur fossils.

Located on top of a Jump-Up (a rugged mesa plateau formation that stands 75 metres above the surrounding plains), visitors will have spectacular lookout views of the countryside and walk one of the scenic trails through amazing jump-up with its wildlife, rocky outcrops and canyons galore.

Stage 1 and 2 of our museum is now complete where you can view the exciting new 3D digital theatre with animations of Australian dinosaurs; see the expanded range of dinosaur merchandise; have lunch or coffee and cake at the Café with its superb mesa country view and see real dinosaur bones being prepared in the laboratory.

Please Note: Australian Age of Dinosaurs is a working dinosaur museum facility. Access to the fossil preparation laboratory and dinosaur bone display is only available through organised guided tours and the Prep A Dino laboratory participation experience.

The Jump-Up is a wilderness conservation area. There is no access to the Jump-Up between 5:00 PM and 8:30 AM. Caravans and trailers are welcome on the Jump-Up for day visits only and can be unhitched at the base of the mesa in the area provided if necessary. A large vehicle parking area is also provided at the museum site on top of the mesa. Information provided here may change, please visit the website for the latest information.
Bladensburg National Park
• Ph: 07 4657 1192
15 km south of Winton, visit during the cooler months. Good bird watching, open plains and mesa topped hills.
Cawnpore Lookout and Lilleyvale Hills
The Lilleyvale Hills are at the edge of Winton Shire and Boulia Shire, on the Kennedy Developmental Road, west of Middleton. Middleton is approximately 167 km west of Winton, with the Lookout another 51 km west of Middleton. From the Lookout there are spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding hills. The Lookout is well sign-posted and is well-worth the stop on the way through.

The drive between Winton to Boulia is one of Queensland most spectacular scenic drives, as the road winds its way through Jump Up and Channel Country and Mitchell Grass Downs, that highlights the diversity of landscapes in the heart of Queensland.
Combo Waterhole Conservation Park
Just 132 km north-west of Winton, Combo's waterholes is reputed to be where Banjo Paterson was inspired to pen 'Waltzing Matilda'.

The Combo Waterhole Conservation Park is a 49 ha park and part of the Diamantina catchment area. The park gets its name from the most famous of the many waterholes found here. The park continues to provide refuge for wildlife during dry times, just as they provided shady picnic spots in 1895 for stagecoach passengers and the residents of neighbouring Dagworth Station. Today visitors can explore the historic stone-pitched overshots and the most readily accessible Mitchell grass downs in the area.

Whilst you can access the park with a conventional vehicle, four-wheel drive is recommended. Even small amounts of rain can make the roads impassable, so always be prepared and have at least a week’s worth of extra supplies in case of stranding. Vehicles are not permitted beyond the car park. Visitors can then follow the self-guided walking track to Combo Waterhole on foot, and discover the story of Waltzing Matilda.
Corfield and Fitzmaurice
Heritage listed by the National Trust is this wonderful example of a general store. Opened by partners Corfield and Fitzmaurice in 1878, it was Winton's first general store, serving people of the township and pastoral properties until 1987.

Today it houses in part of the building Combo Crafts, which has a great selection of handmade crafts. The remaining part of the building incorporates a mini museum, that includes the Dinosaur Diorama, an interpretation of the dinosaur stampede found at Lark Quarry Dinosaur Trackways. There a mini-museum of dinosaur fossils by the Australian Age of Dinosaurs, including the story of 'Elliot', once the largest dinosaur find in Australia, a display about the opal mining industry at Opalton and an historical account of Corfield and Fitzmaurice general store.
Lark Quarry Dinosaur Trackways
• Ph: 07 4652 7333
Lark Quarry Dinosaur Trackways is about 110 km south west of Winton, situated in Lark Quarry Conservation Park, red-earth and Spinifex country, with broken escarpments and flat top mesas. It is here that Australia has the worlds only existing record of a dinosaur stampede.

Some 95 million years ago, herds of small two-legged dinosaurs came to drink at the lake. A huge meat-eating theropod, began to stalk the dinosaurs, and then charged. The stampeding herd of smaller dinosaurs left a chaotic mass of footprints in the mud as they ran to escape.

A record of those few terrifying minutes is cast in more than 3,300 fossilised footprints. The footprints tell us about a cooler, wetter world, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and the mammal's time is yet to come.

The only way to experience Lark Quarry Dinosaur Trackways is via a guided tour. The tour interprets the Trackways from creation to discovery and display. Learn about the geological history of the area and how the Trackways were discovered. See the website for more information.

There are several self-drive loops that take in the Dinosaur Trackways, as well as other parts of the Winton Shire. Drop in to the Winton Visitor Information Centre to pick up a brochure.

The QANTAS Board Room Lounge
• Vindex Street
Location of the first QANTAS board meeting held in 1921.
Quantilda Museum
Elderslie Street • Ph: 07 46571618
The forerunner to today’s Qantilda Museum was opened on 17 August 1972, as Qantilda Pioneer Place, under the management of the Winton District Historical Society.
The Royal Open Air Theatre
• Elderslie Street
Originally established in 1918, this is one of the last two open air theatre’s still operating in Australia the other being the Sun Theatre in Broome. Follow the link for educational links and photo’s of the theatre.

Nostalgia Night is held every Wednesday from April through to September.
The Swagman Statue
Located just outside the swimming pool on the main street.
Waltzing Matilda CentreWaltzing Matilda Centre
• Elderslie Street • Ph: 07 4657 1466 • Email
Spend some time experiencing the ‘real’ Australian Outback - visit Winton and Matilda Country in the heart of Queensland. Originally called Pelican Waterhole, Winton is one of Australia’s best known towns of the Outback. You can purchase a multiple entry passes to cover a number of Winton attractions.

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Fossil Facts

The scientific evidence from the Lark Quarry Dinosaur Trackways assisted in the creation of the stampede scene in Steven Spielberg's movie, "Jurassic Park".

Scientific interpretation of the dinosaur footprints in the Lark Quarry stampeded, have judged that there were three types of dinosaurs involved in the stampede - Coelurosaurs, Ornithopods and a large Carnosaur.

Arguably the most famous resident of Winton, Elliot (a Sauropod), at the time was once the largest dinosaur ever to be found in Australia. The discovery of his remains was a significant milestone in Australia's palaeontological research, and was the beginning of the Australian Age of Dinosaurs.

Source: Australia's Dinosaur Trail brochure

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Winton Events

Queensland Events
Outback Festival
• WINTON • Ph: 07 4657 1558 • Mobile: 0429 806 140 • Email
• biennial event held each odd calendar year in September. See website for dates.
Wining recognition, accolades and awards, the Outback Festival is one of those must do things in Australia. Known for its unique and quirky Aussie events, such as the signature event of the festival, the 'Australian Dunny Derby', where competitors race their fastest ‘outhouses’ over a 250 metre track.

Other major events include the Outback Iron Man and Iron Woman event, Masters of the Outback, Outback Iron Kid, Outback Whip Cracking Championships, Bushman’s Egg Throwing, Bush Poets breakfasts, World Crayfish Derby Race Meeting, True Blue Aussie Sports, Live Music Concerts, Mardi Gras and Afghan Bazaar, Kids Meggsie Cart Races, Art Exhibitions, Roving performers, Children’s concerts and workshops, Truckies Reunion, Truck & Ute Muster, Grand Parade Spectacular and Fireworks displays.

This popular biennial event has something for everyone, with new ideas and activities being introduced all the time, such as Caribbean steel drums, kite displays and workshops, extreme sports in BMX & skateboard, beach parties, wool shed dances and formal balls, motor bike enduros plus much more.
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Winton Other Links

• Winton Community/Local Government Links
• Winton Community Links
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