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Bordertown - Cities, Towns and Localities
Bordertown is home to a population of white Western Grey Kangaroo. These descendents are a result of the dominant genetic strain, producing ‘white roos’ that are not ‘are not albino’. With the success of the ongoing breeding program, a number of these white kangaroos have been sent to other parks and reserves all around Australia.

Western Grey Kangaroo is also known as Macropus Fuliginosus.

Following are some images of the white kangaroos at the Bordertown Wildlife Park.

Bordertown Wildlife Park

• Wildlife • SA Wildlife • Western Grey Kangaroo
Our Flora and Fauna section has more images of the White Kangaroo and other Western Grey Kangaroo.
White kangaroo © AusEmade PL

White kangaroos © AusEmade PL

White kangaroos and arrival of mother with joey © AusEmade PL

White kangaroo with joey © AusEmade PL

4 white kangaroos © AusEmade PL

4 white kangaroos, one with joey © AusEmade PL

Kangaroo with joey in pouch © AusEmade PL

Kangaroo with joey © AusEmade PL

Kangaroo with joey © AusEmade PL

Kangaroo with joey © AusEmade PL

3 white kangaroos © AusEmade PL

4 white kangaroos © AusEmade PL

Emu © AusEmade PL

© AusEmade PL
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