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South Australia
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South Australia
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Australian Escape - South Australia
Holidays always seem to go fast, with a little bit of planning you can try to make things go as smoothly as possible and squeeze those extra hours into just enjoying your holiday.

Australia offers a huge array of places to experience and things to do, with something for every taste, whether it is adventure, eco, relaxing on a beach, 4 wheel-driving, camping and caravanning, the choices are staggering.

So whether you prefer a rigid itinerary, or something a bit flexible, such as detour here or an extra day there... following are a few suggestions for a unique getaway in South Australia.

If you’ve done a holiday, that you are sure others may enjoy, why not drop us a line with an outline of the route and even send us some photos to add here.

Escape - Getaway Destinations - South Australia

Outback Attractions
A unique taste of ‘the Outback’ can be found deep in South Australia. By making Coober Pedy your base, you can track the official mail run route, or the old ‘Ghan’ narrow gauge railway line. Travel into the spectacular Painted Desert and Breakaways. See the world’s largest cattle station ‘Anna Creek’ (24,000 sq km), and call into Lake Cadibarrawirracanna, Australia’s longest place name. Travelling the Oodnadatta Track, you will cross the world’s longest fence, ‘the Dog Fence’.
Image from the Breakaways Reserve © G Sully / C Leel, October, 2003
The Breakaways
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