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Lake Eyre National Park / Lake Eyre

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Lake Eyre National Park / Lake Eyre
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Lake Eyre National Park / Lake Eyre - Cities, Towns and Localities
Lake Eyre Dragon
Ctenophorus maculosus

The Lake Eyre Dragon lives on salt lakes and burrows into the cooler, moist soil below the salt crust.

These small lizards can withstand higher temperatures and has a higher salt tolerance than most other lizards. They can be seen walking, often with their toes off the ground (because the ground is so hot). They have special adapted eyelashes that help cut out some glare from the sun and white salt.

The Lake Eyre Dragon feed mainly on tiny harvester ants that nest in the salt.

During floods, the dragon lives on the sandy shoreline, where they dig burrows.

Lake Eyre Dragon

The following images were taken at Alice Springs Desert Park.
Lake Eyre Dragon (Ctenophorus maculosus)

Lake Eyre Dragon (Ctenophorus maculosus)

Lake Eyre Dragon (Ctenophorus maculosus) with the female in its burrow.

Lake Eyre Dragon (Ctenophorus maculosus)

© Colin Leel
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