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Naracoorte Caves National Park

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Naracoorte - Cities, Towns and Localities
Part of the 800,000 year old Naracoorte East Range, the Naracoorte Caves are a palaeontologists delight, containing an extensive fossil record that date back over 500,000 years. The caves have acted as pitfall traps and predator dens, trapping animals that roamed the area over several ice ages.

There are 26 known caves in the park, many containing spectacular examples of stalactites and stalagmites. The fossil finds in these caves have been excavated and dated, with a number of skeletons being reconstructed, providing an unique display of the megafauna that once inhabited this area.

There are a number of cave tours, that provide a taste of this fascinating cave system. Tours range from easy to adventure, with some accessible by wheelchair.

Blanche Cave

The 2000 Olympic Torch Ceremony in Blanche Cave.
The Olympic Torch Ceremony in Blanche Cave,
18th July 2000

The first cave found at Naracoorte was Blanche Cave in 1845. It was also called the Big Cave until 1886 when the first guided tours were introduced. From the time of its discovery it was a favoured venue for parties, picnics and other community gatherings, with old tables still in the cave as reminders of these times.

Today, Blanche Cave is still a popular venue for special events such as weddings ceremonies and the annual ‘Carols by Cave light’. Food and drink are not permitted as anything spilt is damaging to the cave environment. On its way to the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games the Olympic Torch visited Blanche Cave, with the flame being exchanged by two torchbearers in the third chamber with a backdrop of huge stalagmites and columns spectacularly lit by 1,500 candles.

Old tables in Blanche Cave.

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