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Outback Tours and Charters South Australia
Welcome to tours and attractions for the South Australia ‘Outback’ region in Australia. Here you will find a range of travel packages, tours and charters, providing a great way to experience the unique outback...

— the back of beyond... —

So where is the outback? For some ‘outback Australia’ can mean anywhere beyond the urban city metropolitan, although it is really anywhere that is inland of Australia and a long way from the coast and ocean. It is where down the road can be a couple hundred kilometres or more.

So what is the outback? It is a place out of which myths have arisen. A place of inspiration for poets, artists and writers. Associated with vast open spaces, it is a place that evokes freedom and spirituality.

The outback is also a place that is home to colourful characters, outback hospitality and Aboriginal people. With vast outback stations and outback towns, it offers the visitor a unique experience.

Centred around the Flinders Ranges and beyond, there are many wonderful discoveries and accommodation to be experienced and enjoyed. The vast outback offers the visitor some spectacular views, extreme climatic conditions and the chance to meet many of the characters that choose to live there.

If planning a self-drive tour through the outback, ensure you have plenty of water, and your vehicle is in tip top condition, especially those going off-road. Make sure you have enough fuel to make your destination, or your next fuel stop and always let someone know your route and how long you estimate it will take you to get back.

A great option is to book with one of the many tour operators listed throughout this site.

The heart of the South Australian Outback and other towns and localities include:

So if you are a city slicker or a visitor from overseas, come and explore beyond our main cities, there is much to see. For further information contact any one of those listed here or visit your tourist information centre or travel agent.

Many tourist like the freedom of the self-drive tours, but don't forget that there are many guided tours, some of which include the tag-along for those bringing their own vehicles. Some tours and charter operators may be listed here under specific destination. Don’t forget to visit the National Outback link and other categories for more tour operators and check out our Motor Vehicles sections, for local clubs.

The view down into Wilpena Pound, Flinders Ranges.
The view down into Wilpena Pound, Flinders Ranges.

Outback Tours and Charters - South Australia

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Outback Tours - South Australia

Arabunna Aboriginal Tours
• Ph/Fax: +61 8 8675 8351 • Ph: +61 8 8675 8354 (AH)
• Email • Reg Dodd (Aboriginal Tour Operator)
• Cultural and nature-based tours Lake Eyre — Finniss Springs — Oodnadatta Track. 1-7 day tours (swags — sights — stars — stories), bringing together the ancient and natural wonders of the Lake Eyre Region.

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Outback Local Services - South Australia

The Monitor
• From the Dunes to Dalhousie Springs — this not-for-profit community newspaper is distributed to more than 18 Outback communities in three states and the Northern Territory, every fortnight.
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