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Dalhousie Homestead Ruins Images

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Dalhousie Homestead Ruins - Cities, Towns and Localities

Dalhousie Homestead / Dalhousie Station

The Dalhousie homestead buildings were built between 1872 and 1885 and constructed from the springs limestone. This small settlement consisted of the homestead, a shed, workmen's quarters, blacksmith's shop and the stockyards. The homestead is thought to be the earliest structure on the station. The fence was erected to protect the building from being undermined by rabbits.

Abandoned since 1925, by 1994 all the buildings on the Dalhousie Homestead Station were in a bad state of decay due to the harsh desert environment. Stabilisation work was carried out in 994, with finance being provided by National Parks and Wildlife SA, State Heritage Fund and the Lewis family. The stone from the decaying buildings, sand from the local area and water from the springs were used to rebuild some of the walls and to cap them to prevent further decay.

Dalhousie Homestead Ruins / Witjira National Park Images

Dalhousie Homestead Ruins - Blacksmiths Shop
Dalhousie Homestead Ruins - Blacksmiths Shop

Dalhousie Homestead Ruins - Stockyards
Dalhousie Homestead Ruins - Stockyards

These well-constructed stockyards have withstood the sands of time. Native timbers have been used to form this series of rectangular enclosures. The posts have been adzed*, set into the ground in pairs and cross-members laid between. Over time, termite attack and rot have affected their strength, and sections of the stockyard have been used for firewood by travellers.

* An adze is a axe like tool used for shaping wood or carving rough-cut timber. The blade of an adze is mounted at a right angle to the shaft of the tool.

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