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South Australia Transport - Australia
Australia is surrounded by water. Despite being the world’s driest continent, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the aquatic activities, not only in the surrounding seas, but also on some of the many bodies of water within Australia, including rivers, lakes and dams.

There are day cruises and houseboats for hire, as well as the larger ocean liner style of cruises.

There are a variety of small and medium size boat charters and boat hires including day cruises and houseboats, as well as the larger ocean liner style of cruises. So check out the tour operators throughout AusEmade for each state and territory. Houseboats will also be listed under the appropriate accommodation/destination locality such as Murray River Houseboat and Riverland Region Houseboat.

Ocean Liners - South Australia Transport

There are currently no listings.

Boats, Cruises, Charters, Yachts - South Australia Transport

Houseboats / Riverboats - South Australia Accommodation & Transport

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