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Tasmania Attractions

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Despite the small size compared to the rest of Australia, Tasmania is a state of interesting landscapes, regions, national parks, flora and fauna and many great villages, towns and cities. Whilst an island in itself, Tasmania has approximately 1,000 other islands association with it, some providing providing a range of access and activities for the tourist, others are protected conservation and wildlife refuges.

With a rich heritage, charming villages, delicious local produce, spectacular old growth rainforest, and magnificent coastlines, there is plenty to see and do in the state. For information on destinations and activities in Tasmania, browse our various category listings for your Tasmanian destination.

The following links will take you to a variety of related topics both in Tasmania and nationally. Each section provides information and additional links to other sites that offer information when planning your holiday. We have tried to include as many local attractions as possible. If we have missed something, please contact us.


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For further information you can contact your local travel agent or call into a Tasmanian Travel Centre:

Information Centre

Tasmanian Travel Centre
60 Carrington St, SYDNEY NSW 2000

259 Collins St, MELBOURNE VIC 3000

Ph: 1300 655 145
Reservations: 1800 309 011
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