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Port of Echuca

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Port of Echuca
Echuca / Moama Info
Port of Echuca
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Port of Echuca - Cities, Towns and Localities
Today the Port of Echuca is ‘Full Steam Ahead’ in this authentic working steam port. It’s a unique opportunity to enjoy and experience an authentic working steam port.

Take a cruise on an original paddlesteamer, tread the boards on the huge redgum wharf and enjoy our working steam displays.

‘All aboard at The Port of Echuca’ with one of our boats cruising daily.

Check out our listing of Echuca accommodation and Moama accommodation. In addition to our listed online travel guide information, contact the local tourism visitor centre for your destination for more attractions, tours, local maps and other information.

Information Centre

Port of Echuca
• 52 Murray Esplanade
• Ph: 03 5482 4248
• 9 am - 5 pm everyday (except Christmas day)

Port of Echuca Logo


In its heyday, from about 1860 to the early 1900’s Echuca was a bustling, pioneering outpost. Paddlesteamers ferreid people and goods from all through the Murray, Darling and Murrumbidgee River systems, to Echuca — the cloasest point to Melbourne on the Murray.

Echuca flourished. Pubs (about 80), breweries and brothels boomed as the raucous township revelled in its success. Legend has it that it wasn’t uncommon for horse races to stir up the dust down High Street where boutiques boasted the finest in European fashion and finery. Bare knuckle fights lasted hours down on the river banks and you could catch cod fish as big as a man.

The centre piece was the huge Redgum wharf, where in just one year (1872) more than 240 boats were cleared. With all that hard work going on, it’s no wonder the premises which offered refreshments were so popular. Once Australia’s largest inland port at 1.2 km long, it is home to the world’s largest collection of paddlesteamers and offers a unique insight into our pioneering past.
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Our Boats

P.S. Pevensey
She was built at Moama in 1911 for the Permewan Wright & Co Ltd.
  • Tonnage: 136
  • Length: 111’ 5”
  • Beam: 23’
  • Draught: 2’ empty, 4’ 6” loaded
  • H.P.: 20 (2cyl)
  • Fuel: 1 ton of wood per hour under steam fully loaded
  • Construction: wood/iron
  • Speed: 4.5 - 5mph
  • Capacity: 100 passengers

Capable of carrying 120 tons in giant holds, the P.S. Pevensey is powered by a 20 h.p. twin high pressure steam engine. After catching fire in 1932, she was rebuilt, but later fell on hard times and became a floating museum. Brought in for Port restoration in 1973, this great Clydesdale of the river was refloated in 1976 and began carrying passengers 3 years later.

P.S. Alexander Arbuthnot
Built at Arbuthnot’s Koondrook Sawmill in 1923 for A. Arbuthnot & Sons.
  • Tonnage: 46
  • Length: 76’
  • Beam: 15’ 3”
  • Draught: 4’ 6”
  • H.P.: 10
  • Construction: wood
  • Speed: 4.5 - 5mph
  • Capacity: 47 passengers

The Alexander Arbuthnot was the last steamer built on the Murray during the riverboat trade and was used as a logging boat for some years until she was sold to charcoal producers in the Barmah Forest. During WW2 the  ‘A.A.’ lay idle and sank at her moorings in 1947 but was raised in 1972 by a group of Shepparton volunteers. The  ‘A.A.’ was brought by the City of Echuca in 1989 for restoration at the Port of Echuca.

P.S. Adelaide
She was built at Echuca in 1866 for J.C. Grassy & Partners.
  • Tonnage: 58
  • Length: 76’
  • Beam: 17’
  • Draught: 2’ 4”
  • H.P.: 36 (2cyl)
  • Construction: wood
  • Speed: 4.5 - 5mph
  • Capacity: 49 passengers

Built at Echuca, P.S. Adelaide is the oldest wooden hulled paddlesteamer still operating in the world! Used as a logging boat for 90 odd years, she left the town briefly during the 1950’s, but later was brought back to Echuca as a community effort in 1960. 1964 saw her lifted from the water and put to rest in Echuca’s Hopwood Gardens, where she lay for 20 years. However, in 1980 restoration commenced and she was refloated in 1984.

Barges you may see... Looking out from the Wharf you may catch a glimpse of one of our barges. Barges were the paddle steamer’s ‘trailers’ used for carrying all sorts of cargo.

Ada Barge was built in 1898 and used to carry wool bales, carrying up to 400 tons at a time. It awaits extensive restoration.

Our Logging barges include the B22, built in 1922 (silted in the mud at the bottom end of the wharf). C24, built 1924, now used as the hull on the ‘Pride of The Murray’ (1978) and the D26, built 1926, is now fully restored and can be often seen behind the  ‘P.S. Adelaide’.

Source: Port of Echuca

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