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Howqua Valley / Howqua Shire / Howqua

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Howqua Valley / Howqua Shire / Howqua
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Howqua Valley / Howqua Shire / Howqua - Cities, Towns and Localities
Proclaimed on the 24th December, 1874, Howqua Shire takes in the mining townships of Gaffneys Creek and Jamieson on the upper reaches of the Goulburn River, with Mansfield to the north.

Howqua Shire was named after the Howqua River, site of a goldfield (1866) and small mining village of the same name. Howqua is in fact a locality on the edge of Lake Eildon, near the lake junction and Howqua River. In 1894, the shire grew, absorbing Woods Point borough. The shire was then amalgamated with Mansfield Shire in 1919, acquiring A.1. Mining Settlement, Ten Mile, Knockwood and Matlock.

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MSN Map of Howqua, Victoria, Australia
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Howqua Valley / Howqua Shire Attractions

Howqua Hills Historic AreaParks Victoria Email
Park Notes • Attractions include:
  • Brick chimney • Completed in 1884 and used as a smelting furnace. The waterwheel “Hanney” was erected nearby and powered by water from the race. “Hanney” was 63 feet (18 metres) in diameter and drove the crushers that broke the ore into a suitable size for gold extraction by roasting the chimney.
  • Fry’s Hut • Fred Fry built his home in the late 1930s. Fred’s life in the Howqua Valley was the basis of Neville Shute’s novel ‘The Far Country’, published in 1950. Overnight camping is not permitted in Fry’s Hut.
  • Howqua Greenston • Outcrops of the oldest rocks in the alpine area can be seen along the river. Aborigines prized it for its hardness and used it for stone axes, spearheads and cutting tools.
  • Sheepyard Flat • Locals say that after the valley was settled, shepherds yarded sheep on the flat at night keeping the dingoes at bay.
  • Tunnel through Tunnel Spur • Built in 1884 to link the Howqua River and a water race, it is about 100 metres long.
  • Water Race • Cut by hand in 1884 to carry water to the “Hanney” waterwheel, it is four kilometres long and can be seen above the road from Tunnel Spur to the chimney.

Source: Parks Victoria

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