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Merrigum - Cities, Towns and Localities
Located among the flat fields of the Goulburn Valley between the towns of Kyabram and Tatura, and only 35 minute drive from Shepparton, Merrigum is an old dairy farming and orchardist locality. More a village than town, it has a cafe, post office, hotel/motel, caravan park and historic museum, as well a local alpaca farm.

With Shepparton the hub of the Goulburn Valley and the centre of the vast Goulburn Valley irrigation district, the caravan park at Merrigum becomes very busy during the fruit harvesting period, when travellers from around Australia and overseas come to work. For those interested in harvest work, you are in the heart of the fruit and tomato growing district, you can visit the Corboys website listed below and arrange for accommodation at the Merrigum Caravan Park.

Check out our listing of Merrigum accommodation and nearby Kyabram accommodation. In addition to our listed online travel guide information, contact the local tourism visitor centre for your destination for more attractions, tours, local maps and other information.

Information Centre

Greater Shepparton Visitors Information Centre

GPS (Merrigum): S 36บ 22.294’ E 145บ 07.918’

Merrigum Attractions

Merrigum Alpacas
• 180 Waverley Ave, MERRIGUM VIC 3618 • Ph: 03 5855 2803 • Mobile: 0407 881 473
• Come and see Alan Livesay and Carol Ferguson at their alpaca stud farm.

Alan and Carol moved to Merrigum in late 2002 with twin teenage daughters to start an alpaca stud. They picked Merrigum because of its central location to the major towns of Shepparton, Echuca and Bendigo. The basic services of town water, sewerage and natural gas were big attractions along with the land being reasonably flat and having a good water supply in irrigation.

Coming from backgrounds in engineering and aged care with small dealings in dairy cattle, starting with an alpaca stud has been enjoyable hard work. With alpaca’s personality a total joy and great learning curve.
MERRIGUM • Grantus Minimus (Little Grant) • Grey Huacaya
• Dam: Wyterrica Lolita • Sire: Wyerrica Jordan
• Grantus is a lovely little man with excellent temperament and sound body. His fleece is soft to handle.

• Big sound wether. Blue ribbon winner at Whittlesea Show 2004.

Alpaca Facts - Did you know...?
  • Alpacas are native animals of South America and their fleece was reserved for Incan royalty.
  • Australia’s first intake of alpacas occurred in the 1830’s, however it was not until 1988 that the first major shipment, which started the ongoing breeding success we have today, took place.
  • The national herd is currently over 50,000 animals, the largest registered herd of alpacas in the world.
  • It is predicted that by 2008, there will be 111,000 registered animals yielding 110 tonnes of fleece.
  • There are 22 recognised colours in alpaca; pure white; the most delicate fawns through to chocolate brown; grey tones from  silver to rose grey and jet black.
  • Alpacas live for 15-20 years; stand about one metre tall,and when fully grown will weigh between 70-85 kgs.
  • An alpaca  baby is known as a Cria. They grow into Tuis (weanlings) and then into Hembras (adult female) or Machos (adult male).

Source: Merrigum Alpacas, Merrigum VIC 3618, Ph: 03 5855 2803

Merrigum Historical Museum, Waverley Ave, MERRIGUM VIC 3618Merrigum Historical Museum
• Merrigum District Historical Educational Society Inc
• 111-113 Waverley Ave, MERRIGUM VIC 3618 • Ph: 03 5855 2495 (President) or Ph: 03 5855 2330 (Secretary)

The Merrigum Historical and Education Society Museum was officially opened on March 21, 1993 by Cr. E. C. Davis, Shire President, Shire of Rodney. Located opposite Cecil Judd Memorial Gardens (1972), on Waverley Avenue (the main street of Merrigum), the museum began in December 1986. The main street of Merrigum was originally called Alexandra Avenue north of the railway crossing, and Waverley Avenue south of the railway crossing.

Merrigum Historical Museum, Waverley Ave, MERRIGUM VIC 3618The historic collection of agricultural machinery, household items, L. L. Pitts photograph collection, F. B. Judd bell collection and more, is housed in the Rodney Store and residence which was built in 1905.

The household items are displayed in room settings. There is also a wash house, blacksmith shop, machinery shed, mud brick dairy and horseworks.

Each year in April, Heritage day is held, with operating displays of pioneering skills.

The museum is open on the last Sunday of every month from 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm and by appointment.

For appointments and enquiries, please contact the President or the Secretary on the number above.

Even if you miss viewing the museum, a glance in the window display some interesting facts:

  • With the coming irrigation,  fruit growing became a major industry in the Merrigum area. The first orchards were started by the Brown Brothers. Fruit grown were: apricots, peaches, pears and apples. These were used for fresh and processed fruit, for interstate and export. Some grapes were also grown for drying (currants).
  • Mr Silas Bradley, Orchardist of Merrigum, invented and had patented
    — a fruit case for carrying delicate fruits, in 1906.
    — a treatment of tomatoes and fruit prior to drying, in 1907.
    — an apparatus for fixing colour of fruit prior to drying in 1907.
    — a fruit case in 1908.
  • The “Lightning” Fruit Grader was invented by Mr Ellis and Mr H. Pitts of Merrigum and was patented in 1919.
  • Mr C. Pavey invented a landgrader.
  • In 1913 Mr Newnham built a Cannery in Merrigum.
  • In 1923 Bedford and Sons started a factory for making fruit cases.
  • In 1916 there was a fruit picker strike at Mr Foster’s orchard in Merrigum. Pickers were  being paid 8 shillings a day. The AWU said they should be paid 9 shillings and four pence a day.

Follow the link to view the Origins of Merrigum and to see Images from the Museum.

Source: Merrigum District Historical Educational Society Inc

Cecil Judd Memorial Gardens
• Waverley Ave, MERRIGUM VIC 3618
• The gardens were opened in 1972 in memory of Cecil Judd who owned and operated the Rodney Store for many years. The site was also where the first fire station was located. Sadly, due to the current water restriction, drought and funds, there is little left of what was once a beautiful garden.
Cecil Judd Memorial Gardens - before the water restriction and drought conditions.
Cecil Judd Memorial Gardens
- before the water restriction
and drought conditions.
Cecil Judd Memorial Gardens - hopefully the gardens will one day be restored to its former glories.
Cecil Judd Memorial Gardens
- hopefully the gardens will one day be
restored to its former glories.

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Merrigum Eateries

Merrigum Cafe
• 121 Waverley Ave, MERRIGUM VIC 3618 • Ph: 03 5855 2287
• Open 7 days with eat in or takeaway service, Merrigum Cafe is so much more than a takeaway store. They sell mobile recharge and phone cards, groceries, meat packs, fresh fruit and veg (orders taken), bread and dairy products, selection of CDs and you can even hire DVD’s.

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Merrigum Events

• Victoria Events
Heritage Day Merrigum Historical Society Inc
• 121 Waverley Ave, MERRIGUM VIC 3618 • Ph: 03 5855 2287
• Annual event held over one weekend in April
• This annual event celebrates the regions heritage with displays, exhibitions and demonstrations of pioneering skills, as well as access to the growing display of unique and very interesting heritage items covering everything from the everyday household goods, personal items, farming equipment and the unique stories of the men and women from this region.

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Merrigum Harvest Work

Corboy Fresh Fruit
• Ph: 03 5855 2727 or 03 5855 2434 • Email
• A family owned business comprising fruit growing, packing and export and domestic sales with 860 acres of orchard and a large packing/cool-storage facility. With over 50 different varieties of fruit, work is available during the harvest period. The harvest period usually commences mid-November, peaking in mid January to late February, when approximately 150-200 extra fruit pickers will be needed. During the harvest season there is a free bus service for those staying in Merrigum Caravan Park.

Merrigum Distance

Distance to Merrigum
• Following are some approximate distances by road to Merrigum :
• Benalla 90
• Bendigo 106
• Echuca 57
• Kyabram 14
• Melbourne 197
• Rushworth 38
• Shepparton 30
• Wangaratta 129
Distances given are only approximation, they should be verified with the appropriate maps.
The Australian Automotive Motoring Associations also offer select access to travel trip planners.

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• Merrigum Maps
Bing Maps - Merrigum, VIC
Google Maps - Merrigum, Victoria
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