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Broome Attractions

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Broome - Cities, Towns and Localities
Located at the south western tip of the Kimberley region, and once the pearling capital of the world, is the town of Broome.

Broome is the ‘Pearl of the North’ and your southern gateway to the wilderness region of the Kimberley. Located on a peninsula with the Indian Ocean to the west and Roebuck Bay to the south east, Broome offers many great attractions, activities and event, in one of WA's spectacular tourism destination.

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Broome Attractions

Beagle Bay
• via BROOME WA 6725 • Ph: +61 8 9192 4913
The Beagle Bay Aboriginal community is located on the west coast of the Dampier Peninsula, about 120 km north of Broome. The community first started as a Catholic mission about 1890, but is the traditional home to the Nyul Nyul people. The site’s name was taken from the boat the ‘Beagle’ which was moored at the bay during a brief stay.

The community is well known for its Sacred Heart Church, with a mother-of-pearl shell altar which was built entirely by hand by the Pallotine monks and Aboriginal people. Work began on the church in 1914 and was finished in 1917.

Beagle Bay was previously used as a home for separated indigenous children. It is now administered by those same children. The monks run the church and school.

Broome Bird ObservatoryBroome Bird Observatory
• BROOME WA 6725 • Ph: 08 9193 5600 • Email
Broome Bird Observatory is located on the north-west coast of Australia on the shores of beautiful Roebuck Bay; Just 25 kilometres east of the town of Broome and some 2,400 road kilometres north of Perth. Established in 1988 as a research and education facility, over 310 bird species have been recorded just 25 km from Broome. It is regarded as the most significant site in Australia for shorebirds and among the top four in the world. It has the greatest diversity of shorebird species of any site on the planet and more than 800,000 birds visiting the area annually. The magnificent coastal scenery of Roebuck Bay provides a stunning backdrop for these birds and is a delight for all who visit. Accommodation and Tours available.
Broome Historical Society Museum
• Lot 271 Saville St, BROOME WA 6725 • Ph: +61 8 9192 2075
The old Customs House building features display on pearling, with many old photographs and files that recount the town’s history. Did you know that because of the labour needs of the pearling industry, the town was exempt from the White Australia policy.
Cable Beach
Glittering fine white sands and turquoise waters entice for over 22 km of unspoilt beach with huge 10 metre tides. At the end of the day, watch the spectacular sunset over the Indian Ocean. Click here to view the beach live via Broomecam.
The heart and soul of Broome, original corrugated iron huts and showrooms invite you in to see some of the finest pearls in the world, sidewalk cafes, billiard saloons and more. A place to experience some great shopping and opportunity to soak up the charm of old and new  Broome.
Dinosaur Footprints
First discovered in 1935 by a group of girl guides these prints are world renown for the extensive collection and ease of viewing. The footprints are only visible on low tide. Contact Broome Tourist Bureau for further information.
Gantheaume Point
Located just 6 km from the town of Broome, part of the coast near Cable Beach, with vibrant red sandstone cliffs, and home to 130 million year old dinosaur footprints, that can be seen at low tide. Contact the Broome Visitor Centre for tide times.

On the north side of this point is Anastasia’s Pool, a small man made rock pool built by a former lighthouse keeper for his wife Anastasia, who was crippled with arthritis.

Japanese Cemetery
Pearling is a dangerous job attested to by the over 900 Japanese graves most of whom lost to the bends, sharks or cyclones whilst searching for pearls.
Malcolm Douglas Broome Crocodile Park
Over 1,000 reptiles await you, saltwater, estuarine, freshwater crocodile, alligators, caiman and the New Guinea crocodile.
Manbana Discovery Centre
• Site 6, Murakami Rd, PORT OF BROOME WA 6725
• Ph: 08 9192 3844 • Fax: 08 9192 3944 • EmailDisabled accessible services.
Discover the role the Kimberley Aboriginal people have played in north-west Australia their relationship with the oceans, rivers and water. Discover the role they play in both historical and contemporary fishing industries such as pearling, trochus farming and aquaculture. Walk through the native garden and learn how plant and tree species were traditionally used in day to today life. The centre also features aquarium displays which include Barramundi feeding, touch tanks and dangerous marine species. Tours are conducted by local indigenous guides.
Rowley Shoals Islands
Located about 260 km offshore from Broome, on the edge of one of the widest continental shelves in the world, are a chain of coral atolls known as the Rowley Shoal Islands. The three pear shaped atolls have shallow lagoons inhabited by corals and abundant marine life and cover an area of about 80 to 90 square km. The Shoals rise with nearly vertical sides from very deep water. Mermaid Reef, the most northerly, rises from about 440 metres, with Clerke from 390 metres and Imperieuse from about 230 metres.

The Rowley Shoals have a reputation of offering some of the best diving in Australia, lying on the very edge of Australia’s continental shelf, in some of the most remote and pristine marine areas in the world. There are coral gardens with over 233 species of corals, giant clams and over 688 species of fish that inhabit the shoals.

A boat trip to the Rowley Shoals takes about 12 hours, with most operators visiting the Shoals from September to December.
Sun Picture Theatre
• Ph: 08 91923738
Opened in 1916 and believed to be the oldest continuos operating open picture garden in the world. This unique theatre has withstood the test of time and house a wonderful collection of movie memorabilia. A must do when visiting Broome. The only other open air theatre in Australia is located in Winton, Queensland.
Town Bus Service Broome
• (PO Box 5914) Depot - 32 Hunter St, BROOME WA 6725
• Ph: 08 9193 6585 • Fax: 08 9193 6791 • Email
Travelling with the Town Bus Service is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get around Broom. We provide an hourly service to all major accommodation houses, travelling through to Chinatown and Cable Beach, 7 days a week.
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Broome Events

Western Australia Events
Shinju Matsuri Festival Broomes Festival of the Pearl
• Ph: 08 9195 5333 • Email
• August-September
‘Shinju Matsuri’ is a Japanese term meaning ‘Festival of the Pearl’. It is one of Australia’s longest running annual festivals, running for about ten days, and celebrating Broome’s diverse culture and heritage. Keeping in line with tradition, the festival is held with the lunar calendar and the harvesting of the pearl. There is the opening ball, carnival of nations, float parade, mardi gras, and much more encompassing music, art, dance, literature, history, sport, food and children’s activities.
Staircase to the Moon
• Occurs March through to October
A natural phenomenon caused by the rising of a full moon reflecting off the exposed mudflats in Roebuck Bay at extremely low tide, creating a beautiful optical illusion of a staircase reaching to the moon.

There is the Staircase Markets held at Town Beach on the nights of the ‘Staircase to the Moon’.

When a full moon occurs twice in the same month it is known as a ‘Blue Moon’.
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