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Ningaloo Marine Park

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Ningaloo Marine Park
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Ningaloo Reef / Ningaloo Marine Park - Cities, Towns and Localities
Ningaloo is the largest fringing coral reef in Australia. It is the largest reef in the world that is found close to a continental land mass, only 100 metres offshore at its nearest point and less than 7 km at its furthest. The park covers more than 4,000 square km and was declared a marine park in 1987.

Whales, dolphins, dugongs, manta rays, huge cod or sharks can be seen in abundance at the 260 km-long Ningaloo Reef. Clownfish bathing in anemone tentacles, attractive lionfish or predatory moray eels are just some of hundreds of species of colourful tropical fish that can be seen. The coral reef fish of Ningaloo are among the most colourful and beautifully patterned of all living creatures. They live in and around more than 180 species of coral, ranging from the cabbage corals, brain corals, lavender corals, delicate colourful branching corals, which form gardens in the shallow lagoons.

From mid-March to mid-May each year visitors from all around the world converge on Ningaloo for the experience of a lifetime diving with the awesome whale shark, the world’s biggest species of fish. Ningaloo Reef is the only easily accessible place in the world where these giants appear in large numbers at predictable times of the year. Whale sharks reach more than 12 metres long and weigh more than eleven tonnes. You do not even have to be a scuba diver to swim with these massive animals, as they swim close to the surface. Check out the NatureBase site for some images of the magnificent whale sharks.

Exmouth or Coral Bay are also perfect places to view the mass coral spawning, a three day event that begins a week or so after the full moon during March and April. Each night, many species of coral simultaneously release millions of bright pink egg and sperm bundles, which float to the surface of the water, creating a floating slick of coral spawn.

Ningaloo Marine Park is about 1,200 km north of Perth. The park stretches for some 260 km, from Bundegi Reef in Exmouth Gulf around North-West Cape to Amherst Point, south of Coral Bay. The park extends about 10 nautical miles out to sea.

One of the most exciting and rewarding experiences is to swim with whale sharks. These huge yet gentle creatures visit Ningaloo Reef, off the north-west coast of Western Australia, between March/April and June/July each year. Their appearance has resulted in the development of an increasingly popular, seasonal ecotourism industry. The Department of Conservation and Land Management is responsible for the conservation and management of Western Australia’s wildlife, lands, waters and resources for the benefit of present and future generations, which includes the whale sharks. Visit NatureBase website for more information, about Swimming with Whale Sharks

Source: NatureBase, Department of Conservation and Land Management

Check out our listing of Ningaloo accommodation and Coral Coast accommodation. In addition to our listed online travel guide information, contact the local tourism visitor centre for your destination for more attractions, tours, local maps and other information.

Information Centre

Department of Conservation & Land Management (CALM), Exmouth District Office
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Ningaloo Marine Park Attractions


7 Day 4WD Ningaloo Reef Adventure

Duration: 7 days / 6 nights
Commences: Perth, Australia

This 4WD 7-day adventure will have you enjoying Ningaloo Reef, Shark Bay, the dolphins at Monkey Mia, Coral Bay, Kalbarri and the Pinnacles. Swim, snorkel, scuba, ride a quad bike or take a boat cruise. The tour is accommodated on sheep stations, farms and country lodges.

260-kilometre-long Ningaloo Reef offers world class diving through to family snorkeling in sheltered lagoons crammed with coral gardens. Ningaloo is the largest fringing coral reef in Australia. It is the only large reef in the world found so close to a continental land mass; about 100 metres offshore at its nearest point and less than seven kilometers at its furthest. The park covers more than 4000 square kilometers and was declared in 1987.

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Viator - 7 Day 4WD Ningaloo Reef Adventure

Viator - 7 Day 4WD Ningaloo Reef Adventure

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Ningaloo Marine Park Tours

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