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teliad | Rank Better - Earn More
Creating and publishing your website live to the internet is just the first step of a continuing process. Now you need to generate an income. Whilst your main income may be derived from selling your products and services, you can always add additional income streams by selling ad space and text links.

Besides selling advertising direct, another option used by the majority of websites is to use one or more of the advertising services out there. The big player of course is Google, but there are many others, with some working quite well together.

Another option is to use an SEO service, SEO means 'search engine optimisation' or sell your advertising space to an advertising agency. Established sites may find that they are contacted by such services or agency, looking for advertising space for their clients.

Of course there are also numerous affiliate programs that can provide an income stream. If the affiliate program fits with your website content, it could provide additional resource for visitors to your site.

Following are our suggestions, some of which you will see being used on this site. Over time of course, you may see that these partnerships will change, as we try to work out the most profitable partnerships and the most useful for visitors to our web site.

Advertising Network

Joining a advertising network or service can make things easy for you. Some of them provide a way to control the type of ads, and / or may even have a inbuilt algorithm that analyses your page to place the most appropriate ads.
Google AdSense
Google AdSense is a free program that empowers online publishers to earn revenue by displaying relevant ads on a wide variety of online content, including:
  • Site Search Results
    This allows you to add a Google custom search engine to your website and allowing you to earn revenue from ads displayed on the search results page.
  • Websites
    Provides an easy to use method of displaying Google ads on your website, making them suited to your audience's interest and earning revenue from valid clicks or impressions.
  • Mobile Webpages and Apps
    Enabling you to connect your mobile users with the right ad at the right time as they seek information on the go.

See Google for more options for on growing your business, promoting and earning revenue.

teliad is an international SEO services provider with a broad product portfolio. teliad offer a wide variety of services in the area of link building and search engine optimization to support customers in their SEO activities. Clients can use their self-service marketplace for selling and buying backlinks. Can be a potential earner, especially for those with page ranking sections of their website.

In addition to selling backlinks, you have a further possibility to monetize your website with the teliad Affiliate Program, a simple process where you integrate a banner on your website or redirect to teliad via an affiliate link and receive a commission where customer becomes an active buyer or seller on the teliad platform.

This is relatively easy to implement, although you may find from the time of sign up to your first client could be longer than a month. If you have a number of pages with page rank higher than zero, this could be a potential earner. Love the way it adjust the value of the text link with the changing value of the page and alerts us. With the fluid nature of page rank, we have seen a couple of pages on offer, automatically adjust because of the changing value based on the page rank, although this may not always be up.
Infolinks, Inc. is a leading provider of pay per click In-Text advertising services, working with online content publishers worldwide. Infolinks enables website owners and publishers to benefit from premium In-Text ads - registration is free with no fees and no commitment. Whilst you can use the one minute integration, where your text will start generating revenue for you, they also offer the facility for specifying where the In-Text ads will display, as well excluding pages.

In-Text advertising is a method of online advertising that inserts text link ads within the content of a website. Each time your website visitors click on an In-Text ad, you get paid. We seek the advertisers, you get the revenues, and we make sure you keep most of it with the industry's highest revenue share offer.

We have only recently started to integrate Infolinks to our site. The one minute integration does not work for us, as the we were seeing text link ads in places we did not want them. Instead, we have started the slower manual process. We have also reduced the maximum number of their text links per page. We may yet reduce this further, striving to strike a balance between keeping the content simple and pleasing the visitors to our site. We find the Search Widget quite a nice little feature that is also earns revenue. Infolinks is most probably of more benefit to those website with high traffic.
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Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs can be a great little earner, especially if you choose ones that fit with your website content. For example, if you are providing travel content, it makes sense to select travel related affiliate programs. Whilst there is no guarantee for what percentage of income you make from your affiliate partner, if you select the right affiliate and integrate them appropriately, it should enhance your website, providing something that would interest visitors to your site.

As a travel site, we have selected partnerships with affiliates that offer accommodation, tours and travel insurance. There is a huge range of partners all seeking to be partner of a good website, especially one that commands a good traffic flow. Some of the affiliates partners we partner with to provide a greater range of products and options include:

Provides a database of budget hostels style accommodation in Australia and around the world. Also provides a limited number of tour options.

Search online and book most popular sights, tours, and attractions for Australia's and international destinations.

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