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Let AusEmade create and host your web pages

Part of the process for creating a web page is writing up the META Tags. These META Tags are 'non-displayable' text placed between the 'header' tags found in the HTML source code of the page.

These META Tags are used by most major search engines, as part of the process by which they index your site. It is the 'Title', Keywords' and 'Description' tags that provide one of the sources of information for many search engines when they scan your site for indexing. To improve the likelihood of being indexed by search engines, it becomes important to pay attention to what you write in them.

The internet is full of helpful tutorials and examples on what to do and what not to do. Just do a search in any search engine for the term 'meta tags'.

It is important to also note that META Tags are not the only thing search engines will look at when ranking your sites. Some search engines look at the content on the page and index this, and in some instances some search engines will compare the body text with the content of the META Tags and if they differ may possibly downgraded or ignored. There are also some search engines that will ignore META Tags completely.

Although we are not recommending any site, following are some web sites that you may find of use in this process.

Meta Tag Links and Resources

Submit Express - Meta Tag Analyzer
This tool can analyze your existing page and provides a status report on what it found.
Yahoo Keyword Selector Tool
A tool for seeing what people are searching for. It displays a count that includes the term you enter in, and an estimated number of times that the term was searched on in the previous month.
teliad | Rank Better - Earn More
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