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teliad | Rank Better - Earn More
One of the great and important facets of the internet is hyperlinking. Through the use of linking you open your website to a huge resource that can be tapped into, not only to enhance your website, but even better, to provide additional information and resources for visitors to your website. It is through this careful use of linking that you can improve how your website is perceived and indexed by the search engines; and together with other strategies such as the use of keywords, search engine and directory submissions, meta tags and titles, you are now on the road to promoting your website. Altogether, these strategies are referred to as 'search engine optimization'.

Be wary when receiving emails out of the blue, especially when they promise to get you ranked as number one with a search engine such as Google. Such wild gambit claims, depending on how they try to achieve this, may only result in your website getting down-graded, black-listed, and you being out-of-pocket.

When linking to other websites, you should consider why would you want to link to them, what are the benefits to you, and what are the benefits to visitors to your site.

Linking is a great tool, if used appropriately. It is a way of providing additional resources from other reputable sites that should enhance your site and offer some sort of benefit for visitors following that link.

Whilst many websites provide 'resource' or 'links' page(s), the way these links pages are organised is important. Some suggestions we have for a good links / resource section are:

  • Link to websites with related topics to your site.
  • Each links/resource page should only have a limited number of links.
  • The page should be appropriately titled.
  • Avoid have a mishmash of links, that is avoid having links to sites that are unrelated.

Reciprocal Linking
Now providing links to other good resources that enhance your website and providing additional good information for visitors to your website, is a widely used tool on the internet. There is an additional benefit if you can get the site you are linking to, to provide a link back. Such exchange of links, is known as 'reciprocal linking'. Even better, you could expand the way you provide reciprocal links by integrating the links throughout your sites main content.

A great example is AusEmade, where they list travel-related operators within specific sections and pages related to where the service provider is located or offering their services. This makes those listings and links relevant to their visitors and increases the chance of their visitors following the links to the other website. Whilst AusEmade do not necessarily demand a reciprocal, the other website should gain a benefit by linking back, especially if they link back to the section that relates to what they offer/provide, thereby providing related additional information/resources for visitors to their own website.

Three Way Linking
Some SEO operators and email link requests ask for a 'triangular link swapping', known commonly as a 'three-way link'. Whilst there are legitimate reasons to do three way links, why would you. When you think about it, why would you link to a website that will not link back to you, who instead offer a link from another site, most probably a dummy site, or a site that is just filled with endless listings of often unrelated links.

With many owners of website creating dummy sites for use in their three-way linking strategy, becoming involved in such strategy could turn visitors away from your website, lead to damaging the reputation of your website creating other long term problems in the future.

It is thought, that many search algorithms are able to detect 'link trading' being used as a means of artificially boosting the popularity of both sites, and are discounting the value of these links. Whilst not all such links may be detected, search engines are continuing to work and improve on their algorithms.

There is a great article by Google on What's an SEO?

Link Farms
A 'link farm' describes a method of linking where a group of web sites hyperlink to every other site in the group. Whilst it may have started with good intent, unscrupulous webmasters have muddied the waters, so much so that search engines are now filtering out pages found on such websites, with some instances of the entire domain being removed from search engines own indexes. These days, link farms are considered a form of 'spamming' the index of a search engine. It is also called 'spamdexing'.

If you are considering doing a reciprocal link with other websites, then commonsense should prevail. Is the website you are considering linking with relevant to your website, web page, and of any value to visitors to your site? If the answer is 'NO' then Don't link. If it is relevant and of value to you and visitors to your site, then make the link and associated text relevant and of value. For example, if your site is about Travel in Sydney, then it makes sense to link to sites about Sydney, or sites about Australia, but linking deeper into that site where they have content about Sydney.


We hope you find what we have said so far as useful and we will be expanding on this topic of 'promoting your website' over time... so keep checking back to see us...

Of course, when ever reading anything, you should always do some research yourself, to find out whether other people agree with what you have just read.

teliad | Rank Better - Earn More

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