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One of the key aspects of developing a website, is to optimize the pages for the current major search engines, as they are one of the key points on the internet from where you can derive traffic.

Lets face it, when people are searching for something on the internet, they use a search engine. So the smart web developer should always have quality content, focused keywords for each page, and high calibre links (that are relevant to your page subject). By doing this, they have optimize their website for all search engines, and not just Google.

As part of the process of optimizing your website, you should then register your site with the major search engines.

Everyone knows currently that Google is the major player so it makes sense that you should register your website with Google. But Google is not the only search engine player on the internet... at this point in time the two other major players are Yahoo and Bing, with Bing increasing their market share in recent times.

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