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The world is full of abbreviation and terminology. Each passing year seems to bring more. With computers and the world wide web (abbreviated to www), there seems to be no end. For the novice, it can be quite confusing, and for those in business on the web, it is often important that you know the meaning and how it applies to you.

The internet is of course filled with helpful information, it is just a matter of searching and sifting through the results. As an aid to many of the internet terminology, we have listed some of those often mysterious web words and phrases here.

We have also included some of the terminology used in the advertising and promotion aspect of the web. Indeed, it may appear daunting for those new to the game, and the challenges may seem insurmountable, but with each word, a step is made, and another piece of the puzzle is inserted into the landscape of the world wide web... (ok, ok, that might have been a bit floral, but you get my drift :)...

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Web Terminology

SEO - Search Engine Optimization
The internet is awash with 'SEOs' - otherwise known as 'Search Engine Optimization', where online business owners may get bombarded with offers of helping them get their site at the top of the search engine results index. Of course getting your website to appear in search result is a must, and with SEO it is not such a mysterious thing. For those new to promoting their web site, it is something that needs to be tackled. For those on a tight budget, the web is filled with helpful information. There is a great article by Google on What's an SEO?
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Advertising and Promotion Terminology

For those who are advertising on the web, the term 'impression' is used as a synonym for 'view', in particular 'ad view'. In simple terms it is an single instance of an online advertisement being displayed on a screen. Many online publishers and their clients purchase advertising, measured in terms of 'ad views' or 'impressions'. In other words how many times a advertisement on a web page is viewed.
CPC - Cost per click
The 'cost-per-click' is the amount an advertiser pays each time a user click on their ad. This cost is usually determined by the advertiser.
CPM - Cost per 1,000 impressions
The 'CPM' is the cost for 1,000 impressions, in other words the cost for serving up 1,000 ad units. The advertiser running the CPM ads set their price per 1,000 ads.

More information can be found on Google AdSense - Glossary.
CTR - Click through rate
The 'click through rate' is one of the ways used to measure how successful an online advertising campaign was. The click through rate is the number of clicks received by an ad, divided by the number of times the 'ad or ad unit' was viewed. Therefore the CTR is the percentage obtained by dividing the 'number of users who click on an ad' on a a web page by the 'number of times the ad was delivered' or viewed (impressions).

More info can be found on Wikipedia - Click through rate.
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